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Jellyfish Forest by Jeekins Jellyfish Forest by Jeekins
Another thing I did for my Monster class. The theme for the assignment was "invasion".

I obviously went went off course and just did something pretty instead lol. Although it didn't really start out that way D:

It's kinda based on this jellyfish species I invented a long time ago, which were these huge, giant bio-luminescent guys that could diffuse hot air into their bell(the top part of a jellyfish)to float in air, and could dwell both on land and in water. They're usually very gentle towards humans and only eat plankton and microscopic floating stuff, lol.

It's also inspired by this real species of "immortal jellyfish" ([link]) that can revert back to a younger stage, grow old again, and repeat the process over and over, technically rendering it immortal. Apparently, there's even some recent issue related to them that they're overpopulating the oceans in some places, and might one day be more common than fish.

So I imagined what it would be like if jellyfish evolved and became the dominant species, and could dwell on land.

Paint tool SAI, Photoshop CS
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January 21, 2011
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